Retailer Direct

Retailer direct means that a retail store charges their customer for our delivery fees (or includes them in the purchase price), then submits the order to Nashville Store to Door, and we invoice the retailer. We may discount our fees to the retailer when multiple customer orders can be picked up at the same time. Retailers can give their customer convenient delivery options, often for less than the cost of running their own trucks and paying employees. Retailers, call us at (615) 751-8801 to start placing orders.

Retailer Referral

Retailer referral means the retailer simply gives our contact information to their customer, and we will make the delivery arrangements with the customer, and charge the customer for our service directly. Retailer must only make sure items are in stock at the time their customer submits the order to Nashville Store to Door, and that the merchandise is fully prepaid by their customer. Retailers, have your customers call us at (615) 751-8801 to place their orders.

Consumer Direct

Consumer direct is an option where the consumer contacts us directly through our website or other means. The consumer must verify that their order is paid for and ready for pickup at the designated pickup location. From the retailer’s point of view this is treated as a “customer pickup.” Consumers, call us at (615) 751-8801 or visit our order placement page to place an order.