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Threshold delivery is a convenient service for deliveries that do not require inside delivery. Items can be left on your porch, in your garage or outside shed. This is a lower cost option if you need items transported but have the means to move the items inside yourself.

Safety Transportation

Threshold Delivery to Residences.

Our Two Man Threshold Delivery service is a convenient service for deliveries or shipments which do not need to be delivered inside the residence. This means, the delivery team will carry your shipment through the threshold of the delivery location i.e. on your porch garage or outside shed. This delivery service is cost effective since the customer has the means to move item inside the residence.

Threshold Delivery to Businesses.

If delivering to a business, Threshold delivery generally means the shipment will be left inside the door of the business. Typically, the carrier will bring the freight a few feet inside the main entrance. Two Man Threshold Delivery offers customer with the peace of mind of having his large & heavy shipment delivered with absolute care by a team of delivery personnel rather than relying on one man to handle it all alone by himself.

Benefits of Service

Convenient Deliveries Right at Your Doorstep.
This Type of Delivery Offers High Level of Accessibility to the Customer.
Two Man Delivery Ideal for Delivery of Large Items without any Damage.